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GAJE is a GLOBAL ALLIANCE of persons committed to achieving JUSTICE through EDUCATION.

GAJE has sponsored ten worldwide conferences since it was formed in 1999, with delegates at each conference representing every region of the world.  GAJE conferences, as well as other GAJE activities described on this website, are aimed at promoting the exchange of information and experience among persons involved in Justice Education around the world.  Clinical education of law students is a key component of justice education, but GAJE also works to advance other forms of socially relevant legal education involving practicing lawyers, judges, non-governmental organizations, and the lay public.

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GAJE members include law teachers, law students, and others interested in supporting and promoting Justice Education around the world. While clinical education of law students is a key component of Justice Education, GAJE works to advance other forms of socially relevant legal education together with practicing lawyers, judges, non-governmental organizations, and the lay public. Therefore, membership is not limited to professional legal educators; lawyers, social activists, and others interested in supporting GAJE’s mission and advancing its goals are welcome to join.

COMMUNITY LAWYERING clinics provide opportunities for law students to engage directly with poor and disadvantaged communities and to empower not just individual clients, but also the community’s interests as a whole. Students are simultaneously educated and inspired, twin goals central to the idea of justice education.
LAW REFORM clinics – working alongside activists and non-government organisations (NGOs) – pursue justice at a systemic level, as well as for individuals. Students learn firsthand how practicing and academic lawyers have an important role in reforming the law so that it serves the ends of justice.
LEGAL LITERACY clinics are an important entry point of community engagement for law students and teachers. They bringing masses of people closer to law and its processes, help ensure just and rule of law-oriented societies, and inspire students to work with and assist their local communities.
STREET LAW programs enlist law students in explaining to people “on the street” how the law affects them in their daily lives by engaging directly with school children, prisoners, and members of disadvantaged communities. Street law students obtain valuable insights into social justice issues as they work at making others aware of their legal rights and how they can obtain assistance.
HUMAN RIGHTS clinics recognize that fundamental human rights and freedoms are at the core of attaining social justice worldwide. They seek to contribute to the realisation of these rights through clinics on human rights litigation, research, and advocacy that involve law students in the theoretical and practical application of human rights standards and norms.
WOMEN’S RIGHTS clinics seek to address gender inequality across the world where women suffer discrimination either directly or indirectly in all spheres of their lives. Mainstreaming gender issues to promote equality by involving law students in providing women and women’s organizations equal representation is a basic component of justice legal education.


The GAJE Steering Committee hereby announces the request for proposals to host the 12th WORLDWIDE CONFERENCE OF THE GLOBAL ALLIANCE FOR JUSTICE EDUCATION.

The GAJE conference may take place either in July 2024 or December 2024 or July 2025, preferably in one of the regions and/or countries that the Worldwide GAJE conferences has not been held in recently (the list of the past conferences is on the GAJE website: conferences/past-conferences/)

Proposals should come from a person or group of persons that would constitute the core of the Local Organizing Committee, including one person who may serve as the chair or co-chair of the Conference Planning Committee. read more

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