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Policies and Procedures

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Responsibility and authority of the Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee is collectively responsible for convening meetings of the SC and for operating GAJE so as to implement the decisions of the SC. The Executive Committee is therefore authorized to:

  1. Call meetings of the SC, set the meeting agenda, and report the decisions of the SC;
  2. Delegate among members of the Executive Committee specific responsibilities such as Convenor of one or more SC meetings, reporting and corresponding secretary, treasurer, and liaison with GAJE committees and regional representatives;
  3. Expend up to a total of $100 between SC meetings in addition to expenditures specifically authorized by the SC;
  4. Authorize the use of GAJE’s name and identifying symbol to indicate co-sponsorship of conferences, workshops and justice education projects; and
  5. Take any other action in furtherance of GAJE goals and objectives pursuant to the following procedures: (1) the Executive Committee may notify the SC by email of a proposed action and include an explanation or supporting report, (2) the notice of the proposed action shall include a statement that the action is approved for implementation unless at least two SC members notify the Executive Committee within 10 days from the issuance of the notice that they wish to refer the proposed action to the SC for approval, and (3) if 10 days have expired from the date of the notice without a request for SC approval by at least 2 SC members, the Executive Committee may proceed to implement the proposed action.

Procedures for removal of non-participating SC members:

An SC member who has failed to participate in three or more SC meetings since that person’s election (or appointment) to the SC may be removed by a majority vote of SC members currently serving. Failure to participate in an SC meeting means that the person has not posted any email to the SC during the period of the SC meeting. If a person has failed to participate in two meetings, the Executive Committee shall endeavor to verify that the person’s email address is still correct and then correspond with the member, reminding him or her of the participation requirement, inquiring whether there are extenuating circumstances to explain the failure to participate, and exploring whether there are ways to facilitate the member’s increased participation.

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