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Other GAJE Committees

The Steering Committee appoints various committees and working groups as needed to perform specified tasks.  The Communication Committee, described below, is the longest standing committee.  Other important committees include, for each of GAJE’s worldwide conferences, a Conference Planning Committee, a Local Organizing Committee, and others appointed to prepare the conference program and review requests for fee waivers and travel/accommodation grants.

Communication Committee

Structure of the GAJE Communication Committee

The Communication Committee:

  • is the editorial board for the GAJE Web site
  • appoints the webmaster and editors of the web site's various pages
  • manages and monitors a members-only listserv and a public informational mailing list
  • recommends communication policies for approval by the GAJE Steering Committee (SC)
  • implements communication policies as directed by the SC

Like other GAJE committees, the communication committee meets by email and reaches decisions whenever possible by consensus. The committee serves a one-year term starting in January. The communication committee chair(s) are appointed by the SC and the other members are appointed by the communication committee chair(s).  The current chair of the Communication Committee is Wendy Morrish.

GAJE Web Site

The URL address of the GAJE web site is . The purposes of the web site are:

    • to publicize the organization
    • to provide an overview of GAJE
    • to publish information about the activities of GAJE members
    • to be the first place where people interested in justice education go to find out about upcoming events (not just GAJE events)
    • to inform the public about who is doing justice education in various countries, what they are doing, and how to contact them
    • to provide access to articles, teaching materials, and other web sites relating to justice education.

The website’s publisher has responsibility for the mechanics of putting content on the web site but not for writing the content (except as may be specified for certain projects).

The web site editors have the following responsibilities (listed in order of importance):

    • Correct web pages that have become outdated.
    • Update existing web pages as new material becomes available
    • Add new web pages

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