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Listed below is information about GAJE's worldwide conferences, including (as available) conference reports and conference websites.  Also listed is information about GAJE regional conferences and other conferences with which GAJE was affiliated.

GAJE Worldwide Conferences

11th Worldwide Conference (December 2022; Stellenbosch, South Africa)

Worldwide Conference GAJE website page 

ONLIne Worldwide Conference (june 2021; virtually) 

Worldwide Conference GAJE website page (virtual conference)

10th Worldwide Conference (December 2019; Bandung, Indonesia)

2019 Conference Report (Bandung, Indonesia)

10th Worldwide Conference GAJE website page

9th Worldwide Conference (December 2017; Puebla and Tlaxcala, Mexico)

2017 Conference Report (Puebla, Mexico)

9th Worldwide Conference GAJE website page

8th Worldwide Conference (July 2015; Eskişehir, Turkey)

8th Worldwide Conference GAJE website page

7th Worldwide Conference (December 2013; Delhi, India)

2013 Conference Report (Delhi, India)

NOTE:  This report includes hyperlinks to material from the conference that can be used only when the report is read online.  When the report is downloaded and copied, the hyperlinks will not work.  However, most of the material linked in the report can be found as attachments to the relevant abstract on the 2013 Conference Abstracts page. To view the 2013 Conference Abstracts page, click here.

7th Worldwide Conference GAJE website page

6th Worldwide Conference (July 2011; Valencia, Spain)

2011 Conference Report (Valencia, Spain) 6th Worldwide Conference GAJE website page

5th Worldwide Conference (December 2008; Manila, Philippines)

2008 Conference Report (Manila, Philippines)

4th Worldwide Conference (December 2006; Cordoba, Argentina)

2006 Conference Report (Cordoba, Argentina)

3rd Worldwide Conference (July 2004; Krakow, Poland)

2004 Conference Report (Krakow, Poland)

2nd Worldwide Conference (December 2001; Durban, South Africa)

2001 Conference Report (Durban, South Africa)

Inaugural Worldwide (December 1999; Thiruvananthapuram, India)

1999 Conference Report (Thiruvananthapuram, India)

Inaugural Conference agenda

Regional and other GAJE-affiliated Conferences

Regional Conference on the Future of Justice Education in South Asia

Regional Conference (Poland)

Regional Conference (Australia)

Regional Conference (New York, USA)

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